• Introduction

     Vatsalya Group is a privately held real estate company with impressive annual revenue and a leading group involved in land bank development in Central India.

     Vatsalya Realties was incorporated in the State of Maharashtra (India) under the provisions of India Companies Act, 1956. Vatsalya Realties is formed by veterans of Real Estate from its parent congloromate – Vatsalya Group which was incorporated in the year 2000 at Nagpur, Maharashtra and having offices at Nagpur, Indore & Mumbai.

     With so many realtors here, it is just about simplest thing on earth, to offer property. Anyone can do it!

Execute an agreement for sale of land situated anywhere, make part payment to the land owner, apply for sanctions, offer good commission to agents, show a few powerpoint presentation along with a few newspaper cuttings and sell the property. Right? WRONG!!

     Preparing & converting a piece of land into a future opportunity is not about selling the property by any means. It is about making long term relations with the buyer & providing with the peace of mind by assuring the property appreciates better & is clear of all litigations.

     Using a well established & time proven “Modus Operandi” that leverages our CRM, we provide high quality & litigation free properties on schedule. We build long-term relationships with our clients, providing value on a sustained basis, leading to mutually beneficial engagements.

     Who are we? What we do? What makes us different? These are the questions we consider here. You could call us mavericks of real estate, since we “Eat”, “Drink” and even “Breath” it!

     Vatsalya has a strong & flexible philosophy when it comes to work. Beliefs that can be summed up in just a phrase - “Towards a better future”. Enjoy whatever you do and do it with responsible passion. This attitude is very much reflected in the working habits of all our teammates.

     Vatsalya Realties is a quality focused company. We continuously strive to attain higher organizational maturity to provide better value to our clients. Our skills, expertise and business processes ensure that we are dependable realtors to our customers.

     Our management team comprises a judicious mix of liasoning agents, realtors, professinals, administrators & managers with specialization in desirable segments.
     We nurture a rich cross cultural work environment that promotes individual and organizational excellence in everything we do.

     To provide properties with “peace of mind” to our clients, we have set up a Data Acquisition Group. This high powered team stays in tune with the latest developments, regulations & upcoming possibilities.

     Our knowledge backbone augments the cumulative experience of clients & optimal automation of internal business process results in progressively shorter project execution cycles.

     We help clients conceive, plan & execute their property investments by aligning them with their existing & manageable financial resources. Our clients with a broad mix of requirements, financial resources & focus, are provided with strategic services by skilled advisors, most appropriate to them. These real estate investment strategies enable our clients to effectively plan their future residential or commercial space requirements without exhausting their financial sustainability. Simultaneously, advisors on our behalf, help our clients in aggressively planning the “turn-around” cycle and realize business advantage much ahead of others.

     We work with our clients to understand their requirements completely. Based on a thorough & careful analysis, we implement the best and the most optimal strategy for the client.

     Vatsalya Realties has an enviable and consistent record of having completed projects on time and within financial reach. This consistency has been our hallmark. Best practices from previous projects are systematically captured in our knowledge repositories for future references & implementation.

     The advisors at Vatsalya Realties possess that rare ability to understand, visualize & realize your ideas about a secure future. On the other hand, there is no compromise in quality of services at Vatsalya Realties – Your needs and our properties. We are equally competent at designing payment plans to suit your convenience.

     Our team is being constantly updated and trained to meet client demands and provide them with the best of realty services. This handpicked team of talented and responsible advisors is trained in-house for desired skill sets. They also undergo the process of continuous learning as they work and serve a vast variety of clients from various walks of life.

     Providing appropriate realty solutions to each client inolves a whole gamut of stages and activities ranging from understanding the need to transfer of property to the client. All this requires careful and effective project management to keep, unnecessary anxiety for client, away and optimization of involved costs. With over 7 years of rapid and intensive experience, we have an effective system of project management, tracking and reporting it across preset time phases. Each phase is pronounced complete only after positive confirmation from the involved parties. That way the client is not left in the dark but is involved in each stage of the progress.

     We look forward to serve you for your realty needs that are destained to be mutually beneficial and enhance the world around us in whatever small way.