• About Nagpur

     Nagpur the second "GREENEST " city of India, is also famous for its Oranges and has a lot of other things to offer you. The Zero Mile Stone of the country is in Nagpur - the dead center of the country has this pillar made of stone. Carved on it are distances to various nearby cities. INDIAN Airlines is set to launch freighter operations in July. Itwill deploy its converted Boeing 737 aircraft for operation between the metro cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, via Nagpur. "For connecting all the metros we would need so many planes.

This plan has operational benefits and will facilitate. In the short-term, freighter operations at Nagpur will be restricted to loading and unloading of containers and pallets at the airport, but there are plans for expansion with warehousing and cargo holding facilities at Nagpur.

Nagpur – Centre of India. Well connected – East– West & North–South by 5 National Highways and 2 Rail routes. (N-S corridor passes through Nagpur). Existing International Airport Govt. of India declared it as an International Passenger & Cargo Hub. Most conducive weather dynamics for air transportation. Wide catchment area spreading almost 500 kms. radius. Plenty of land suitable for unrestricted development available. Though Nagpur has much to offer in terms of manpower, infrastructure and other facilities, the city isn’t usually found on India’s IT map.

But several entrepreneurs have been making innovative use of the city’s biggest advantage—cheap, but highly skilled manpower. Stanley Glancy explains what Maharashtra’s second capital has to offer India IT Inc.